‘Hot’ Healing: 5 Ways Hot Tubs Can Help You Recover from Injury

Behold the transformative power of the hot tub – it can take you from “Ow!” to “Ooh!” to “Ahh!”

Hydrotherapy is gaining momentum as one of the most effective forms of physical therapy, and a hot tub’s combination of buoyancy, heat and massage can help users recover from minor muscle and joint injuries.

“Humans are developed in water. We live dry, but we recover wet,” says Jeff Dubuc, a sales rep at Hanson HotSpring Spas. “That speaks to the benefits that hot water offers.”

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4 Health and Wellness Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

Take a soak and call your doctor in the morning? Maybe.

While it’s easy to dismiss a hot tub as a status symbol, it’s increasingly becoming a means for wellness. Studies show that hot water immersion helps maintain health and relaxation, decrease stress and speed recovery from injuries – even easing problems with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and aging.

“One of the first questions we ask our customers is what do you want to get out of a hot tub?” says Andy Rusk of Hanson HotSpring Spas. “Many people will say they have back pain, knee pain or neck problems. They have stress. They want to relax. Based on what they tell us they’re looking for in aqua therapy, we can guide them to the various lines to show them the benefits of how the various seats and jet packages will hit those muscle groups to relieve that tension.”

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5 Reasons Owning a Hot Tub Enriches Your Life!

A day at the spa is relaxing and valuable.  Simply soaking in a hot tub provides proven health benefits. 

“Bringing that hot tub home is all the better,” says Andy Rusk, owner of Hanson HotSpring Spas in Colorado Springs.  “A home spa expands the rewards of the hot tub experience – building relationships, improving health and wellness, providing staycation opportunities, increasing the living space of your home and giving you control over your relaxation environment.”

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