HighLife Spa Collection in Colorado Springs, CO

The Best-Selling Spa Experience Now Redesigned and Redefined

With newly-upgraded features, HotSprings HighLife Spas are now available for sale in Colorado Springs

Hanson HotSprings Spas is proud to be the exclusive Colorado Springs dealer of HighLife Spas that have always been known as pioneers of innovative design.

Outstanding Designed Hot Tubs with Amazing Features

Striking designs. Maintenance-Free Cabinets. More usable space along the bar top. And a wireless remote control.

These are just some of the features that combine to make owning a HighLife spa not only easy, but one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Customizable Jets

HighLife spa jets combine two technologies – ComfortControl® and SmartJet® – letting you customize the strength of your spa’s jets, and direct them to where your body needs them most. Up to seven different jets are available to give you a spa experience like no other.

Energy Efficiency

HighLife Spas are one of few hot tubs able to bear the label “super energy efficient”. Besides being able to turn off unused jets, HighLife spas are insulated over multiple layers, and the circulation pump uses less output than a 40-watt light bulb. The heater also maximizes heat transfer and comes with a 5-year, no-fault warranty.

Cleaner Spa Water

HotSpring’s innovations also carry over to the HighLife filtration system. HotSprings HighLife spas feature exclusive 100% no-bypass filtration; 100% of your spa’s water is filtered 100% of the time (even when jets are on) unlike many other spas. And the exclusive ACE Saltwater System and SilkBalance System will keep your spa’s water in tip-top shape with minimal maintenance.