"Have used Hot Spring spas for over 17 years...on my second now. "THE GREATEST."
- Frank

"The Fresh Water System truly is wonderful, none of those unpleasant chemicals. Thank you!"
- John P.

"We wake up totally refreshed in the morning after going in the evening. There is nothing like it!"
- Marsha E.

"Best customer service in town."
- Janelle M.

"Your water system is so simple and pure, excellent water quality. My wife and I love the spa, it's the greatest thing we've ever purchased. You guys were great!"
- Tony L.

"Good product. Good people."
- Bob W.

"I have to tell you that the best part about our Grandee spa is what is has done for my family. It gets us away from the TV in the evening and as we sit and relaz together we just seem to open up to one another and really communicate ! That alone is worth a million bucks !!"
- Coleen S.

"Excellent spa, great experience! Appreciate terrific service."
- A and T

"Thanks for a good deal on a great spa. You know how many of these things are out there? What a tough decision it is to buy one. Turns out I got a great spa from a great company."
- John D.

"I love the ease of ownership, the fresh water concept is so simple and effective. It's everything you said it would be. We use our spa every night and it's really helped with my stress level."
- Mike W.

"The Sovereign is wonderful for our family. I especially love the moto-massage jet. There is nothing better than getting into the tub in the evening and watching the sun go down over the mountains."
- Worthy Family

"Totally wonderful experience!! The sales person was great, the set up was great, the total experience was awesome!!"
- Kim H.

"To Hot Spring manufacturer, I'm truly impressed and just cannot thank you enough for the great investment and for the staff at Hanson Spas."
- Chris L.

"We count on Hanson Spa for our spa needs. They are THE BEST and we can vouch for their service since 1986!"
- P.J. and Dick W.

"Four months (with many more years) of absolute relaxation."
- Erik and Danika B.

"I love my Solana spa. It was a gift for my arthritis and I cannot live without it."
- Robin K.

To be honest I did not do a lot of comparison shopping. A few inquiries and then I went with the first store I visited, Hanson Spas. I liked the feel of this business from the start. Mark was nothing but straight talk, no hard sell, no up-sell. He showed me a variety of models, patiently explaining features and advantages. When he confirmed that my tub was on a second level deck he told me I was going to need a crane. Alright, this is going to be an adventure. I was hoping to surprise my wife while she was out of town and I outlined a rather ambitious timeframe for getting the job done. Rush jobs can be annoying but Mark didn’t flinch. He just grinned and bought into the entire scheme. On a site visit Mark saw exactly the challenge I had described, a plethora of Ponderosa pine trees that would prevent any truck from getting behind the house where the deck is. This meant that tubs old and new would have to be hoisted up and over the house, around and threw pine trees reaching 30 to 40 feet in the air. Within an hour after Mark left, the crane operator arrived and after pacing out a space in the driveway, hard up against the garage he determined that he could possibly pull this off. Next I contacted one of the electrical contractors recommended by Hanson, scheduled a site visit and told them I would want them to wire up the new hot tub the day after it was delivered. In the meantime Hanson had scheduled the crane. My wife left on Saturday. The electrician scoped out the job on Monday, the tub was delivered Tuesday and the electrician came back Wednesday to complete the job. Everyone showed up on time. The three-man crew hired to help remove the old tub and place the new one arrived at the same time as the crane and viewed the logistics with no small consternation. The location of the existing deck was right beneath a tight cluster of trees and the crew expressed concern about tree limbs scratching the tub coming through this narrow window. After a few more moments of assessment they determined the best course of action would be to work the other end of the deck where there was more open sky. The biggest kick was that everyone seemed to enjoy being in on this great challenge and surprise. They were all professional and patient. Mark even arrived to witness this complex procedure. More than one person took pictures of this extraordinary extrication and installation. With surgical precision the crane operator carefully maneuvered the tubs around trees hoisting them high over the house and gently putting them in place, guided by two-way radio transmissions from the crew behind the house async he could not see exactly where he was lowering the tub without. In his 30 years of crane operation he said he had never had a case this tight. Any number of factors could have thrown this project off schedule and prevented it from being completed on time. Wind or electrical storms could have prevented crane operations. Hanson just happened to have my desired model and colors in stock. Everyone’s schedule fit right in. It’s always fun when a plan comes together and I could never say enough good things about the people at Hanson, the people they recommend for ancillary services and their assistance in pulling my zany idea together. As it says on there web site, “We don’t just sell hot tubs, we provide an experience and this was one great experience to remember. Oh, yes, my wife was surprised. After years without a functioning hot tub, the sight of a brand new spa for her to relax in brought tears to her eyes. Well worth the time and effort that went into getting it done. Thank you Mark, Hanson Spas and everyone involved.

- Bill Beagle left a 5 star review on